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Sep. 19th, 2007 | 02:58 pm
posted by: kitashla in my_ugly_crap

My contribution of ugly crap. Actually, I have lots of ugly crap. I am "lucky" enough to live with a confirmed pack rat so, my house (and shed) is filled with some truly ugly crap. But this is the stuff I immediately had on hand.

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and we voluntarily bought it

Sep. 16th, 2007 | 03:50 pm
posted by: 70schild in my_ugly_crap

We went to the local second-hand clothing store, the kids and I. We *had* to buy this shirt and tell you about it. It's just that horrific.
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And we haven’t even talked about the color yet. When was the last time you wore green and yellow together, on purpose, and were not at a sporting event? It’s a case of too many twirls at the center of the roller rink, with the kid who’s trying just too hard to be cool. What a feeling, indeed.

The nasty seam finishing (such as it is) the haphazard cropping, the polyester of the fabric, the colors, the lack of fit, yet the mysterious ability to make any wearer (however thin) look as if they’ve gained twenty pounds across their midsection all serve to render the viewer wishing they’d never heard of the eighties in the first place, let alone long for a style comeback.

And I’m thinking this may be a garment not manufactured recently, for the retro crowd, but one that was actually present in the eighties. Much like myself. Now, I don’t know about you young'uns today, but my memory of fashions back then were surrounded by glitter and pastels. Leg warmers, roller skates with rainbow laces and satin baseball jackets, dolphin shorts and glitter transfer tees. Those were the DAYS, my friends.

Do you think this shirt goes better with these or these?

I wish I had my camera today, because I just thought of more of my ugly crap... er, I mean family heirlooms... that you will be awed by. Plus I have work to avoid, so that's a bonus.

Note the bonus Saucy_Dwellings decor in the background highlighting Early Renovations.

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Starting things out

Sep. 16th, 2007 | 12:03 pm
posted by: ex_thexphial147 in my_ugly_crap

Welcome to my_ugly_crap, an offshoot community of ugly_crap made for the purpose of showing off all that nasty stuff we have around our houses for some reason. I thought I would get the ball rolling with some ugly crap from my own home.

Here is the dress my mother bought for me to sing in with my choir. Note the sparkly swirls of doom and the way the waistline looks like a sack of potatoes. Very flattering for an 80-year-old with no shape, I'm sure, but not really my style. I can't get rid of it, though. It would hurt her feelings.

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A small sample of the stuff I was able to find on short notice. I'm sure there will be more forthcoming.

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