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The Ugliest Crap In Your House

Ugly Stuff You Own
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A place for pictures of that shit you don't know why you have.
Welcome to my_ugly_crap!

This community is an offshoot of the ugly_crap community, which showcases all the ugly stuff on sale online. I thought it would be amusing to make a place where people could showcase the ugly stuff they have in their own homes.

We all have it, stuff we got as gifts and can't throw away because it would offend someone, or stuff that we bought in our younger days that looks hideous to us now. Post your personal ugly crap here! All posts should contain pictures. If there is more than one picture, please put extras behind a cut to save the f-lists of those of us with dial up. Posts should also include some snark and explanation of why you have such a horrible item.

Warning, you must have a sense of humor to post to this community. If you're easily butthurt, please be aware that you will be mercilessly mocked.